28 June 2017

Carlsberg Hong Kong Ignites Passion for Craft Beer with Launch of HK YAU

Carlsberg Hong Kong Partners with Brooklyn Brewery to Launch Innovative Craft Beer Brand Exclusive to Hong Kong, Revolutionizing the City’s Beer Industry

Carlsberg Hong Kong has collaborated with renowned New York beer brewers, Brooklyn Brewery to create HK YAU, a pioneering craft beer designed to produce creative and vibrant beers in Hong Kong for Hong Kong. As one of the most dynamic melting pots of multiculturalism in the world, Hong Kong is the perfect setting for this collaboration between two brewery experts, denoting an East-meets-West innovation. Currently, HK YAU offers a series of three flavorful beers, including wheat beer, a lager and a pale ale, all representing a fusion of the two cities – Hong Kong and New York – to provide approachable craft brews to Hong Kong and offering drinkers a gateway to the world of craft beer.

The naming of HK YAU comes from the Chinese character yau (友), which means more than just sharing the vibrant spirit of “friendship” – it is about the coming together of creative and like-minded individuals with a shared passion, just like the partnership between Carlsberg and Brooklyn Brewery. In a city where opportunity is treasured, HK YAU encourages like-minded people to cultivate craftsmanship and celebrate the true spirit of artisanship by introducing new local influences.


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