Birrificio Angelo Poretti

Hop masters since 1877

Hailing from Northern Italy, this classic beer has been a long time brewing.

About Angelo Poretti

Everything starts with a voyage

Like every adventure, our story also began with a voyage: the one that Angelo Poretti took to Austria, Bohemia, and Bavaria, where he met the best Masters Brewers and discovered all the hidden expertise behind brewing good beer.

His dreams come to life

Angelo Poretti returned to Italy and made his life-long dream come true. In 1877 he opened his brewery in Valganna: this land is precious thanks to its sources of pristine water, a crucial ingredient for high quality beer. For more than 130 years, Valganna has been the heart of our brewery, and today it beats around the world.

A tradition that grows stronger

Just as Angelo Poretti once travelled all the way to Vienna looking for the best wooden casks, today we use DraughtMasterTM technology: this innovative pouring system uses recyclable PET casks without added CO2, respecting the environment and people alike. Because we have always been faithful to tradition, yet we've never stopped innovating.

Going back to where it all started

In 1881, Angelo Poretti achieved his first great success: he was invited to participate in the National Exposition in Milan. Today, more than a century later, our brewery has been selected as the official beer of the Italy Pavilion at EXPO Milan 2015. The definitive recognition of a truly quality beer that is entirely Italian.

Origin: Carlsberg, Italia


Pick up the phone and we’ll bring the beers

Get in touch with Craft and Crew in Hong Kong and collaborate with us on a menu paired with these delicious Italian brews, or find out how you could stock Poretti in your bar by calling +852 3189 8282. You can also send an email to hkcustomerservices@carlsberg.asia.

4 Luppoli Originale

The inspiration of adding a 4th variety of hop led to the creation of the original.

Style: Lager

Profile: An excellent pale beer, generously hoppy and outstandingly well-balanced

Alcohol Content: 5.5% VOL

Dominant Hop: Columbus

Malt(s): N/A

Format: 33 cl bottle

Availability: Available

7 Luppoli La Fiorita

The fragrances of spring captured in a bottle.

Style: Speciality

Profile: A recipe flavoured with elderflower with a fragrant hoppy character. A unfiltered slightly opalescent beer with a subtle fragrance rich in floral aromas.

Alcohol Content: 5.3% VOL

Dominant Hop: Mounthood

Malt(s): N/A

Format: 33 cl bottle

Availability: Coming soon

8 Luppoli Saison Bock

A season that delights the taste buds.

Style: Saison

Profile: A highly fermented beer with fruity and spicy notes thanks to the skilled used of hops and yeasts. An extremely well-balanced and intriguing beer with a diverse and attractive bouquet of aromas.

Alcohol Content: 6.0% VOL

Dominant Hop: Strisselspalt

Malt(s): N/A

Format: 75 cl bottle

Availability: Coming soon

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