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Forget waffles and chocolate – the best thing to come out of Belgium is Grimbergen.

About Grimbergen

The Grimbergen Manifesto

The phoenix has marked civilizations throughout the ages. Persians, Greeks, and Romans regarded it as a symbol of rebirth and serenity.

For centuries, its mystical powers inspired men who longed for freedom and sought to reinvent themselves. Founded in 1128, Grimbergen Abbey was destroyed in a terrible fire in 1142, then again in 1566 and 1798.

Every time it was destroyed, it was rebuilt. The monks of Grimbergen took the phoenix as their symbol, a sign of their abbey’s perpetual rebirth, and adopted a motto in its honour: Ardet nec consumitur, Burned but not destroyed.

Their recipe for beer has also withstood the test of time, making it a lively beverage with unmatched character. Authentic, unique, and complex with multiple aromas, the beer of the phoenix gives rise to unexpected flavours that reveal themselves with each sip.

Origin: Grimbergen Abbey, Belgium


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In the Middle Ages, regular beer brewers were far more heavily taxed than abbeys. Therefore, the Grimbergen Fathers used refined raw materials of a higher quality.

Style: Belgian Dubbel

Profile: Caramel, dried plums and malt

Alcohol Content: 6.5% VOL

Dominant Hop: N/A

Malt(s): N/A

Format: 33cl

Availability: Available


When the first regular breweries were founded in the Middle Ages, beer filtration was not a common technology and few mastered it. Among these few were the Fathers of Grimbergen Abbey, who became renowned experts in craft brewing.

Style: Belgian Blonde / Golden Ale

Profile: Ripe fruits and spicy notes of clove

Alcohol Content: 6.7% VOL

Dominant Hop: N/A

Malt(s): N/A

Format: 33cl

Availability: Available


Belgian-style white beers have a long brewing tradition, as they have been brewed in Belgium – and at Grimbergen Abbey - since the 14th century.

Style: Belgian Witbier

Profile: Citrus, coriander and cloves

Alcohol Content: 6% VOL

Dominant Hop: N/A

Malt(s): N/A

Format: 33cl

Availability: Available

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