“Inspired by Hong Kong, Brooklyn Brewery collaborated with our local community to create authentic Hong Kong beers”

About HK YAU

One of the great blessings of being a brewer is the community that rises around you. Brewing from Brooklyn has allowed us to travel all over the world, meeting fellow beer enthusiasts and brewers. Over the years, one of our favorite places to visit has been Hong Kong with its familiar sky scrapers against an exotic harbor, teeming streets of strivers, unending menus of flavor and a population that reflects centuries of history and the contemporary spoils of a global village. Through our many visits, we at Brooklyn Brewery have felt the “Yau”. It’s this inspiration that drives us to not just bring our beer to the city but to join with the brewers of Hong Kong and create a new line of beers for its people, HK Yau.

WELL, THE FIRST FEW CHAPTERS… Sometime in late 2015, as the winter breezes flowed through the city, taking with them the heat and humidity of summer, a group of beer lovers and brewers finally chilled out. It was enough to see an opportunity. Carlsberg’s collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery in New York was getting more exciting every day, but the team were missing a trick. Hong Kong and New York had more in common than long work hours and high rental prices. They had creative crunch. So, armed with the sights, sounds, herbs and spices that fuel our city, they started experimenting. It’s been nearly a year of innovation and hard work with our collective community, here in Hong Kong, to brew the final craft beers – and they speak for themselves.

Origin: HK Yau, Hong Kong


Made in Hong Kong for Hong Kong - HK YAU

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A vibrant, cold-fermented modern lager based on classical German roots, refreshed with brighter citrus-like hop aromatics. Snappy, lively and always a favorite at every local pub, it is a flavorful beer for first time craft beer lovers who are used to mass-produced beer.

Style: LAGER

Alcohol Content: 5.5% VOL

Hops: Cascade & Nugget

Malt(s): Weyermann Caramunich

Format: 30L Keg

Availability: Available


Appetizing bitterness plays against malts to create a beer that is great for all occasions. Dry hopped with American and New Zealand hop varieties, this pale ale has an aroma reminiscent of citrus and tropical fruit, and is perfect when paired with Chinese cuisine.


Alcohol Content: 5% VOL

Hops: Citra Nugget & Hallertau Blanc

Malt(s): Carabohemian

Format: 30L Keg

Availability: Available


A light, unfiltered beer recalling the Belgian Witbier style. Made from Chinese wheat and barley malt, and lightly aromatized with popular Chinese ingredients coriander and chénpí, the HK Yau New Kong adds fantastic variety to Hong Kong’s booming beer scene.

Style: WHEAT

Alcohol Content: 5% VOL

Hops: Mandarina Bavaria, Citra & Nugget

Malt(s): Weyermann Pale & Weyermann Wheat

Kettle Additions: Coriander, Sweet orange peel, Chinese OP & Tangerine Peel

Format: 30L Keg

Availability: Available

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